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We can offer many types of Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery or Bariatric Surgery

Welcome to Cosmetic Faces Surgery France

The Home of Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Face Lifts

Face Lifts, Chin Lifts, Eye Bags removed and Facial reconstructive Surgery

Breast Augmentations

Breast Uplifts -- Breast Enlargements -- Breast Reductions -- Breast Sculpturing

Tummy Tuck Surgery

All types of Tummy Tuck Surgery -- Liposuction All Areas -- Skin Removal.

Liosuction In france


Discover a trustworthy and reliable Cosmetic Surgeon who is a recognised expert in the field of Plastic Surgery you are contemplating.

This is one of the most obvious answers to this question but it is in fact the most vital stage. If you procrastinate at this stage of your research you could easily end up getting the whole procedure wrong, or even worse, having to have further remedial surgery later. It is always best to consult your own GP to ensure that you are fit and healthy enough to be a good candidate for the type of cosmetic surgery you are considering.

Once you have found a suitable Surgeon or Clinic you will probably be interviewed by a trained pre-surgery consultant who may not be a surgeon but will have sufficient knowledge to help you and answer any questions that you may have. This initial contact will enable you to assess the professionalism of the company or the Clinic. Ask the right questions.

It is the Policy of Plastic Surgeon France to ensure that you are given every opportunity to speak to past patients before booking any surgery as we are confident that our results over time speak for themselves.

When you are satisfied with the dialogue you have had during the pre-surgery consultation, and you have had a chance to speak to previous clients, then is the time to make your booking date.

Your coordinator will be able to assist you with this and give you a few relevant options, taking into account your personal circumstances, arrangements for the time you may need to take off work or to fit in around you and organise everyday life commitments.

You must also remember that with many cosmetic surgery procedures there will be a recovery time to take into account after your surgery.

At this time, you may also need to pay for your plastic surgery. There is a wide range of plastic surgery prices depending on your choice, prices at our Clinics start from as little as £2750 for Liposuction.

The reason why you will be asked to pay well in advance is that arrangements have to be made well in advance to book an operating theatre, book the consultation with the Surgeon, and the anaesthetist.

Also, arrangements may have to be made for your accommodation before and after surgery in the vicinity of the Clinic where you will need to stay for a few days before returning home.

When you have decided on a specialist and booked your cosmetic surgery dates you will be given full details of the appointment times and locations for your initial consultation. At this time your Surgeon will need to talk to you about factors like your health, any medications you are taking and any previous surgery or serious illnesses that could affect the surgery and the outcomes.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with your general health, he will explain the benefits of the procedure you have chosen, the risks that may be associated during or after your surgery, as well as any other options he may feel, would be of benefit to you. Some options may involve additional costs so it is up to you at this stage whether you accept these options or not.

You will need to give blood samples to check your blood count, haemoglobin or any other blood conditions that must be considered by the surgeons.
You may possibly need X-rays and other pre-operative checks such as blood pressure, cardiovascular tests which the surgeon or the anaesthetists requires before your surgery.

You will be advised of any preparation or supplies you may need to bring with you. It may not always be possible to get them at the time of your surgery. A few of the products you may need to bring are disposable rubber gloves, alcohol swabs, antibacterial soaps, surgical face masks, compression garments, loose or baggy clothes, compression socks, and such. 

Most cosmetic surgery is not radical, but you are not just going to have make-up applied, you are having surgery. Certain procedures are more invasive than others and so recovery times will vary postoperative. We recommend that you choose someone out of your family or a very close friend who knows well and you can rely on. Make sure the individual accompanying you are accountable and capable of carrying out the tasks. In most cases with Cosmetic Surgeon France, a companion is included in the price of the package and you will be advised before booking if this is included or your package.

So now your surgery is over and you have been discharged you will need to take some time to recover. The length of the recovery time will depend on the surgery you have had, but you will still need to understand that obtaining your discharge certificate from the hospital does not imply that you are able to resume your regular lifestyle. You will have to take some time to rest and allow your wounds to heal sufficiently and re-build up your strength again.

After 24 to forty-eight hrs following the surgery, your surgeon will most likely recommend some initial physiotherapy. You will probably also be recommended to go for a leisurely stroll daily to build up your muscles gradually.

When you have recovered fully you will be able to go back to work or resume your usual lifestyle.  Obviously, you will need to follow your surgeon's advice, and if you are not experiencing any complications following your cosmetic surgery you will quickly be able to resume your life as usual.

You will want to show off the results to your friends and family. Taking selfies and posting them on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram is now an accepted sharing your new look and the results of your cosmetic surgery in France that you will feel happy to recommend us to your friends and family.

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Cosmetic Surgery in France

We Welcome Clients From the UK and All EU Countries

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Cosmetic Surgery Carried Out at Our Clinics

Surgery, Breasts, liposuction, ears, abdomen, veins.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery offers surgical procedures for breast augmentation, liposuction, ear and varicose veins, facelift, gastric band surgery and all types of laser surgery, as well as most other types of plastic or reconstructive surgery. On this website, you will find details of many of these services performed at our registered clinic in France. Cosmetic surgery abroad and cosmetic surgery holidays are now very popular with our UK clients and we are pleased to be able to help more and more people requesting cosmetic surgery abroad and cosmetic surgery holidays.
Save money compared to UK prices.

Expansion and improvements

These procedures can be performed in our registered clinics in France and, for your convenience, can be performed at a weekend if necessary.

Because the cost of this procedure is much lower in France, it is possible to offer our services at much lower prices than those normally found in the UK, and in many cases are very competitive with prices found elsewhere in Europe

Save on breast augmentation!

Save on breast augmentation
Compared to a typical Price in the UK of £5300


These procedures can be performed in our registered clinics in France. Due to the nature of LIPOSUCTION, each case is assessed independently by our surgeons who will advise you on the most appropriate treatment or surgery. Liposuction can be performed on the abdomen (abdominoplasty) and thighs

If you wish, these operations can be performed over a weekend

Because the cost of these procedures is much lower in France, it is possible to offer our services at much lower prices than those normally found in the UK, and in many cases, they are very competitive with prices found elsewhere in Europe

on liposuction surgery.
on liposuction surgery. Compared to a typical
UK price of £3850

Aesthetic Ear Surgery

These procedures can be performed in our registered clinics in France. We can also perform cosmetic surgery on the ears. If you think your ears are too big, too small, protruding or suffer from "boxer ears" then we can help you.

What is perceived as "normal ears" is strongly influenced by what we see on TV, in magazines, in art and in advertising, and by how we think of our body

Because our costs for this procedure are much lower in France, it is possible to offer our services at much lower prices than those normally found in the UK, and in many cases are very competitive with prices found elsewhere in Europe

Savings on ear surgery compared to a typical UK price of £3850


Time and gravity, unfortunately, take their toll on the body, everyone's tummy or belly comes in different sizes and shapes, and pregnancies especially take their toll on our abdominal region.

What is perceived as a tummy tuck?

What is perceived as a "normal" belly" is influenced by what we see on TV, in magazines, in art and in advertising. Excess flabby tissue can extend from the front, sides and back.

At our specialist cosmetic surgery clinics in Belgium, we can effectively re-sculpt your abdominal area and effectively roll back the years".

We can also help you to reduce the size of your tummy tuck.
As the cost of this procedure is much lower in Belgium, it is possible to offer our services at much lower prices than those normally found in the UK, and in many cases are very competitive with prices found elsewhere in Europe

Save on a tummy tuck compared to a typical Price in the UK of £5500

Face lifts, and noses (RHINOPLASTY)

As we age, facial skin tends to wrinkle and dry out. A facelift around the eyes, mouth and chin can take years off the appearance.

Our cosmetic surgeon in Nice has extensive experience in all types of facelifts and facial restructuring, including rhinoplasty, laser treatment of facial skin, treatments for baldness, acne scars, cheek augmentation, chin liposuction, chin surgery, permanent makeover cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, laser peels for wrinkles and blemishes, lip augmentation, collagen and hyaluronic fillers, and many other types of cosmetic surgery.


in comparison to a typical
FACELIFTS! compared to a typical

Price in the UK of £5300

An Introduction To Cosmetic Surgery

Introduction to cosmetic surgery Introduction to plastic surgery for young adults and teenagers when they ask their parents to pay for or allow some type of non-invasive cosmetic surgery or cosmetic augmentation. Motivation is often even more directly linked to self-esteem than in adults.

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We have all undergone plastic surgery at one time or another The classic phrase "Beauty is only skin deep" belies the truth. The relevance and importance of beauty are pervasive and permeate deeply into all societies. It has long been known that people who are considered physically...

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The plastic surgeons at our Clinics are qualified and experienced in all method of cosmetic surgery and bariatric surgery.

The choice to change your appearance always takes a lot of courage and a lot of consideration. It is your body so you do, of course, wish to feel that you will be in the safe hands of a surgeon who is respected and qualified in the area of plastic or aesthetic surgery of your choice.

French Cosmet surgeons are the best option for you when it comes to quality of care. When it comes to ethical practices, coupled with experience and the top medical skills available to you, we believe we will meet all your surgical needs. Here at Plastic Surgeon France, we offer some of the most competitive prices for plastic and cosmetic surgery in France and able to customise a package to meet your cosmetic surgery requirements.

  • Our clinic's surgeons are all highly skilled and innovative.
  • All plastic surgeons have years of experience in all types of plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
  • The registered clinic, in Evreux, Normandy France, offers the highest standards of surgery and care.
  • Our philosophy is to offer the best results for cosmetic surgery, at a competitive price, without the need of compromising on the quality of service.

We offer the highest standards of treatment at Plastic Surgeon France and care at cosmetic surgery clinics in Évreux, Normandy France, around 1 hour's drive from Paris.

The clinics in our network are located for ease of access for travellers using most methods of transport, and since the arrival of low-cost direct flights, Euro-star or ferry options to and from many cities in France
The clinic's door plate

Our network includes clinics in Evreux in Normandy, which can be reached in roughly an hour by plane or Eurostar from Paris, or by ferry to Le Havre should you choose to travel from the UK. From the instant you contact us, we will assist and advise you to make the right travel arrangments.

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in France, we can help you make the right choice.

If you are searching for a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, reduction or lift, liposuction or any type of facelifts or weight loss surgery such as gastric band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery, we can help you.

We can help you.

All of our surgical staff are knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day to assist you. All our cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons speak reasonably good English, as do most of our nursing and ancillary staff.

All of our clinics are recognised as centres of excellence for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, augmentation, enlargement, breast lift or reduction, liposuction and facelift as shown in our list of plastic and cosmetic surgery options available.

The clinic in Evreux France is accessible to our UK clients for cosmetic surgery of all sorts.

With easy accessibility from most parts of the UK, it is now possible to travel to France at a reasonable cost.

The clinics are conveniently located for travellers from most areas of the UK and Ireland to enable them to reach them easily by most forms of transport.

This means you benefit from the lowest cost for plastic surgery for a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction or enlargement, facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction or weight loss surgery.

Our plastic surgeons are qualified to perform cosmetic surgery in France and these qualifications are comparable to the standards expected in the UK, 



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